Am 13. Februar 2018 15:20:00 MEZ schrieb "Bruce L. Riddle" 
>We are running a CDC Application PHIN MS that uses Tomcat 8.5.11.
>As the application starts, we are getting a message that says
>'error creating connection pool for dbid.'
>Our assumption is that the message is coming from TomCat.  Please,
>what does the message mean and how to we research a possible

Have you looked in other log files for error messages? I can only guess some 
possible misinformed from the given one (which I believe is a message generated 
by the app and not tomcat) 

Check that
 * you have configured a database resource
 * the DB resource has the correct name (equal to the one configured in your 
 * you have placed the db driver jar in a directory the app or rather tomcat 
expects it

>A segment from the LOG:
>ocalhost-startStop-1|02/13|08:28:35|Processing folderMap:
>localhost-startStop-1|02/13|08:28:35|Loading decryption keystore|
>localhost-startStop-1|02/13|08:28:35|=== Spawning queue 0 ============|
>Thread-6|02/13|08:28:35|Initializing requeue cachepath from
>Thread-6|02/13|08:28:35|Spawning multi database poller 1...|
>Thread-7|02/13|08:28:35|Connection established|
>Thread-7|02/13|08:28:35|Waiting for records ...|
>localhost-startStop-1|02/13|08:28:35|Error creating connection pool for
>dbid: NHSCR_DB|
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