sorry for the mistake about the Tomcat, it is 5.4
Thank you for the guidance I will send if I will face any obstacles. Even
though, I tried to do migration from old windows and MS SQL to new one but
I faced with a lot of error messages and I couldn't complete it. I am
thinking to move it to Linux platform, because I am better with Linux and I
think Java is more smoother with Linux.
Any hint would be appreciated very much.

Thank you

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> > From: Christopher Schultz [mailto:ch...@christopherschultz.net]
> > Subject: Re: Is it possible and how
> > On 2/28/18 11:12 AM, M. Osama Alghwell wrote:
> > > I have a Java application that run on windows and using to Tomcat
> > > (unfortunately it is Tomcat 4.5 and I an assigned to upgrade it).
> There was no Tomcat 4.5; 4.1, 5.0, and 5.5 were released, many years ago.
> > > Is it possible to move to Linux platform? and is it possible to
> > > jump to Tomcat 8.x? what action should be taken?
> > While that sounds like a big jump (Windows -> Linux, Tomcat 4.x ->
> > 8.x), it shouldn't be a *huge* change. You'll also need a Java upgrade
> > as well, of course (Tomcat 8 requires Java 7 or later; I recommend
> > Java 8).
> Reading the migration guides would also be useful, although they don't go
> all the way back to Tomcat 4:
> http://tomcat.apache.org/migration.html
>   - Chuck
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