On 07/03/18 09:03, Sen, Anurag wrote:
> Dear Tomcat users/dev team,
> I am working on porting an enterprise application from Tomcat 4.x to Tomcat 
> 8.5.x.
> Probably you can throw some light on the problem I am facing.
> The application that I am porting has a custom protocol(inheriting 
> HTTP11NIOProtocol) and custom endpoint(inheriting NIOEndpoint) written, in 
> order to provide a 'multi-protocol' implementation(BEEP + HTTP) on a unified 
> port.
> To this end, the custom endpoint is overriding some functionality from 
> NIOEndpoint class, particularly a custom selector and a custom poller. In 
> Tomcat 4.x, the application was overriding the fields 'selector','poller' & 
> 'nioChannels', which were 'protected' and these were made private in Tomcat 
> 7.x.(I guess), rendering any custom connector unable to access/set such 
> fields, to override functionality.   Commit: 
> https://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=revision&revision=1425512
> From a quick web search, I found a relevant discussion that says that Tomcat 
> connector architecture is HTTP-centric 
> (http://grokbase.com/t/tomcat/users/116xpzc2pz/how-to-create-custom-tomcat-6-connector-to-do-port-sharing)
> Is there any recommendation from the Tomcat team for writing custom 
> connectors in 8.5.x. Is it true that Tomcat doesn't encourage non-HTTP 
> connectors/endpoints (seeing the private fields in NIOEndpoint class).
> Thanks in advance for your support.

The Endpoint is protocol agnostic. The current endpoints support HTTP,
AJP, WebSocket and HTTP/2. Incidently, the HTTP/2 implementation was
added without requiring a single change to the Endpoint.

I'd look at a purely custom protocol implementation. If BEEP uses ALPN
or HTTP upgrade you might find the upgrade handler useful and the HTTP/2
implementation provides a good example.


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