> As per the docs[1], this only works for a previously-deployed
> application. Deploying a new application requires additional parameters.

It's not super clear in the docs, the section "Deploy a previously deployed 
webapp" is the first item under the header "Deploy A New Application from a 
Local Path". We weren't doing anything different from Tomcat 6 so it seems a 
fair misunderstanding.

> I think you actually want this:
> https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-8.5-doc/manager-howto.html#Deploy_a_Directory_or_War_from_the_Host_appBase

> No slashes necessary.

Yes, that's true, we are now staging to an intermediate directory and it seems 
to be happier now. The slash was a misdirection, we had to double quote the 
full URL, I think wget was mangling it.

> Tomcat crashes?

> Did you make this request once or twice?

I don't know, things might have been in a bad state prior to the undeploy 

> Same application path? You've been using /my-app above, but probably in
> an attempt to anonymize your application. Always helps to double-check
> the speling.

Yeah, my-app was a cover for the real name das-qa-java8.

>Seems like it can't find the application.

> I'm guessing something else is going wrong,

Probably true. After working out the correct manager app calls, cleaning out 
deploys and the work directory everything seems to be working now. We'll see 
how stable it is.

Thanks for your help.


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