On 17/05/18 17:03, sri devops wrote:
> Sure i will work in fixing the memory leak and i have another QQ.
> Now that I set autoDeploy=false in order to have more control on my tomcat. I
> stopped Tomcat, deploy war file and started tomcat and tomcat is extracting
> the war just fine without having deployOnStartup attribute stated anywhere. As
> i grep for "deployOnStartup" value and couldn't find anywhere in my
> configuration, and deployments on start-up is working just fine.
>    - Do i need to specifically set deployOnStartup=true,  For happening
>    deployments on Tomcat startup ? Or is deployOnStartup=true (by default in
>    tomcat) ?
>    - Also if autoDeploy is set to false, are there any other unknown
>    impacts that might happen which needs to be considered ?

The configuration docs for Host can answer those questions.


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