On 6/12/2018 11:55 AM, Igal Sapir wrote:
According to Mark in that thread [1], there is a daily threshold and if you exceed it you get a warning.  "If you trigger three warnings in a period" you get banned for a long term (weeks).

I did not see any warnings.  The process failed with "error: git-svn died of signal 11", and seeing no other messages I simply tried it again, and then again, making it "three times".

@Mark - is it possible to unban the IP or do I need to find a way to get a new IP address?
I should have a new IP address soon, so hopefully that part will be taken care of.

Perhaps it to revisit the thresholds that trigger warnings/bans. The Tomcat SVN repo might be much larger today than it was when those were last examined and set.

Also, a ban of a few days can be as effective as a few weeks, yet less intrusive in case of a false positive as happened here.



[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-10509

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