> Hi all,
> I have problems to pass (REST-) URLs containing escaped slashes ('%2F') in 
> path elements using the  Apache httpd  and  mod_jk  to the application server 
> (in fact not Tomcat, but Wildfy. But this is of no matter, here).
> This kind of URL may be accepted by the httpd using the option 
> 'AllowEncodedSlashes=NoDecode'. But then, while using the mode 
> 'ForwardURIProxy' for mod_jk , they are re-encoded in a bad way: As '%252F', 
> because the percent sign itself is escaped by accident. The result is a 
> syntactically bad URL which is rejected by the application server.
> I already filed this last week as  
> https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=62459 . Please, may take some 
> maintainer a look at this?
> with greetings
> Guido

You may want to create setenv.sh in CATALINA_HOME/bin with the following



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