Thanks Andre - I agree it is an oracle driver based question, but
sometimes here is faster for answers based on people's own life

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 11:26 AM, André Warnier (tomcat) <> 
> Hi.
> On 10.07.2018 15:03, Will Nordmeyer wrote:
>> I have an application in Tomcat 7 that connects to an Oracle database.
>> Currently we are connecting using the username/password which is
>> embedded in the xml files.  To harden security, we are looking at x509
>> certificate authentication.
>> Is there a way to tie a certificate to Tomcat hand have them
>> authenticate that way?
> As far as I know, when your application connects to a database (like you do
> above), it is for that
> using a driver specific to that database (such as Oracle in your case), and
> that driver code is not a part of Tomcat.
> So I believe that your question should be directed at whoever provides (or
> supports) the database driver that you are using. Only they would know the
> answer to your question.
> This is also the sense of the following on-line documentation page :
> (and similar ones for other tomcat versions, e.g.
> )
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