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  >  >>    ps: a HTTP request against the debug port will print this message in 
  >  >>    catalina.out Debugger failed to attach: handshake failed - received 
>GET /
  >  >>    HTTP/1.1< - expected >JDWP-Handshake<
  >  >
  >  >  Yep, I get that message when running with jpda
  >  You have that message = You have started in debug mode = You tried
  >  connecting with a wrong client.
  >  I have impression that you have successfully started Tomcat in debug mode.
  >  The problem is that you cannot connect to it.
 >   Have you tried to connect with a proper debug client (IDE)?
Duh... I thought both the IDE AND the browser had to use port 8000. I now 
realize that port 8000 is just for the IDE to connect to the server and request 
a debugging session. The browser should still connect through 8080.

Now that I do that, everything works file.

Thx for the help everybody.


    You may try using explicit IPv4 address,
    I wonder whether address=8000 can be used to specify IP address as well as 
    >  /Library/Tomcat
    What version is that? Is it ours?
    > I have a file /Library/Tomcat/bin/setenv
    You tried many ways. I wonder which one wins.
    All those environment variables are used to build the command line for
    Java. I wonder whether java sees several copies of those options.
    For example, if you start with suspend=y then Java will start, but it
    will stop (like being on a breakpoint) at Tomcat startup sequence.
    Have you looked into Tomcat log files? Look for output from
    Best regards,
    Konstantin Kolinko
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