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On 7/24/18 10:54 AM, David Babooram wrote:
> I will try to be as clear as possible.


> The files that were originally in
> /usr/local/tomcat/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.17/webapps/MYAPP/WEB-INF/lib
> were copied by default when I migrated the app to 
> /usr/local/tomcat/apache-tomcat-6.0.53/webapps/

Good, that's what you probably should have done.

> When I ran MYAPP I got the error from my previous email.
> I then mv all the files from
> /usr/local/tomcat/apache-tomcat-6.0.53/webapps/MYAPP/WEB-INF/lib
> into a temp directory , in attempt to make it use the global lib , but 
> still the same error.

Hmm. I'd expect lots of problems when removing all required libraries from your 

Did you copy the "work" directory from the Tomcat 5.5 installation?
(I'm guessing not.)

> My next idea was to place the files from 
> /usr/local/tomcat/apache-tomcat-6.0.53/webapps/MYAPP/WEB-INF/lib
> into  /usr/local/tomcat/apache-tomcat-6.0.53/lib , but with the new 
> structure I am unsure what belongs where.

Definitely undo that... it's likely to break your Tomcat installation.
You should basically never add anything other than maybe a JDBC driver to your 
CATALINA_BASE/lib directory. Definitely nothing application-specific.

I'd recommend removing all the files from CATALINA_BASE/lib and re-extracting 
the distro package you downloaded just to reset things back to the way they 


                ok I did not place it in CAT/lib yet so everything is in tact.  
However in the 5.5 there was a server/lib folder that has some jar files what 
do I do with these? I assume we need to put that in the /lib but not sure
                catalina-ant.jar      catalina.jar              
commons-modeler.jar       servlets-invoker.jar      tomcat-ajp.jar     
                catalina-ant-jmx.jar  catalina-optional.jar     
servlets-cgi.renametojar  servlets-ssi.renametojar  tomcat-apr.jar     
                catalina-cluster.jar  catalina-storeconfig.jar  
servlets-default.jar      servlets-webdav.jar       tomcat-coyote.jar  

> FYI : in my original /usr/local/tomcat/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.17/common
> I have the following directories
> classes  endorsed  i18n  lib
> activation.jar antlr-2.7.2.jar

I think something got lost in the copy/paste. If you had files in the "common" 
loader in Tomcat 5.5 then you might have a bit of work figuring out which files 
are required by the application and which are expected to be supplied by the 
container (Tomcat).

I'm going to attempt to group these files into 2 categories: things that ought 
to be in your web application's WEB-INF/lib directory and which files should be 
ignored (because Tomcat and/or the JVM should be supplying them). Here goes:

1. Files supplied by the JVM and/or Tomcat (and should be ignored from your old 

> activation.jar         (Modern JVMs supply this)   
> el-api-2.2.1-b04.jar   (Tomcat is required to supply the EL APIs)


        Both those files are not present in /lib directory, I recheck the 
extracted data, this is what is present in /lib

        ls lib
        annotations-api.jar  catalina-ha.jar  catalina-tribes.jar  el-api.jar   
  jasper.jar   server           tomcat-coyote.jar  tomcat-i18n-es.jar  
        catalina-ant.jar     catalina.jar     ecj-4.3.1.jar        
jasper-el.jar  jsp-api.jar  servlet-api.jar  tomcat-dbcp.jar    

        A bit strange that you mention it should be in the /lib and its not 
there by default.  

        So I just moved activations.jar and el-api-2 to /lib and then place 
back all the webapps libs into its container lib directory , and I THINK its 
working. At least I got the page to come up



2. Files that ought to be in WEB-INF/lib in your application:

> antlr-2.7.2.jar axis-ant.jar axis.jar bsf-2.3.0.jar 
> commons-beanutils-1.8.0.jar commons-chain-1.2.jar 
> commons-codec-1.3.jar commons-collections.jar commons-dbcp-1.2.1.jar 
> commons-digester-1.8.jar commons-discovery-0.2.jar 
> commons-fileupload-1.1.1.jar commons-io-1.1.jar commons-lang.jar 
> commons-logging-1.0.4.jar commons-pool-1.2.jar 
> commons-validator-1.3.1.jar edtftpj.jar ibatis-common-2.jar 
> ibatis-dao-2.jar ibatis-sqlmap-2.jar invoice-generator.jar 
> itext-1.3.jar iText-2.1.0.jar j2ssh-ant-0.2.9.jar 
> j2ssh-common-0.2.9.jar j2ssh-core-0.2.9.jar j2ssh-daemon-0.2.9.jar 
> jakarta-oro.jar jaxrpc.jar jsch-0.1.20.jar jstl-1.0.2.jar jstl-1.2.jar 
> junit.jar log4j-1.2.11.jar mailapi.jar ojdbc14.jar oro-2.0.8.jar 
> poi-2.5.1-final-20040804.jar quartz.jar saaj.jar smtp.jar 
> standard-1.0.6.jar stringtemplate.jar struts-core-1.3.10.jar 
> struts-el-1.3.10.jar struts-extras-1.3.10.jar struts-faces-1.3.10.jar 
> struts-mailreader-dao-1.3.10.jar struts-scripting-1.3.10.jar 
> struts-taglib-1.3.10.jar struts-tiles-1.3.10.jar wsdl4j-1.5.1.jar 
> xmlrpc-2.0.jar

3. Wait, there is another category. You appear to have some conflicts in your 
existing libraries:

> jstl-1.0.2.jar jstl-1.2.jar

> jakarta-oro.jar oro-2.0.8.jar

If those files have the same classes in each of them, you might be looking at 
some problems. Check the contents to see if they are distinct or if you have 
duplicate libraries.

4. Things you might want to look into.

> mailapi.jar

Is that javamail?

> smtp.jar

Is that *also* javamail?

> ojdbc14.jar

Is that the Oracle JDBC driver? If the container (Tomcat) is managing your 
connection-pool, then you'll want to put this file into CATALINA_BASE/lib and 
*nowhere else*.

> junit.jar

Are you sure you need the junit runtime in your running application?
My guess is "no" and you might want to see if things still work is you remove 
this. But it can wait until later.

Finally (and I say this as a proud Apache Struts 1.x user) it's important that 
you understand that (a) Apache Struts 1.x has reached EOL and (b) there are 
unpatched, publicly-reported security vulnerabilities in the version you are 
using (1.3.10). You should really research those vulnerabilities and make sure 
that you have mitigated them all, or you risk exposing your users and servers 
to exploitation.

Hope that helps,
- -chris

> -----Original Message----- From: Christopher Schultz 
> [mailto:ch...@christopherschultz.net] Sent: Monday, 23 July 2018
> 2:29 PM To: users@tomcat.apache.org Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Tomcat
> 5.5.17 migration to 6.0.53
> David,
> On 7/23/18 12:51 PM, David Babooram wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have begun a migration from 5.5 to 6. Yes I know 6 is EOL but the 
>> migration from 5.5 to 6 has some more documentation compared to 5.5 
>> to the latest version.
>> I followed the standard migration of libs and classes from /common 
>> /shared etc to the new /lin directory for 6..
>> The server engine runs and I can see the examples web pages come up.
>> When I migrated my production webapps to the 6.0 instance however I 
>> get the following error.
>> HTTP Status 500 - java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint
>> violation: when resolving interface method 
>> "javax.servlet.jsp.JspApplicationContext.getExpressionFactory()Ljavax
> the class loader (instance of
> org/apache/jasper/servlet/JasperLoader)
>> of the current class, org/apache/jsp/index_jsp, and the class loader 
>> (instance of
>> org/apache/catalina/loader/StandardClassLoader) for resolved class, 
>> javax/servlet/jsp/JspApplicationContext, have different Class objects 
>> for the type javax/el/ExpressionFactory used in the signature
>> Any insight on this is welcomed.
>> I notice in that my app has its own lib directory, does this means 
>> that there is a conflict with the lib files from the base directory ?
> Possibly. What files do you have in your app's WEB-INF/lib directory?
> -chris
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