I am not sure if this is a bug or something specific to our implementation,
so wanted to share that with others. Please forgive my idiocy.

We took a verbose classloading on Windows and it loaded two classes from
two different locations.

1) *SomeUtils*.class from *com.my.package.name <http://com.my.package.name>*
- placed in WEB-INF/classes
2) *SomeOtherUtils*.class from *com.my.package.name
<http://com.my.package.name>* - placed in myjar.jar in WEB-INF/lib

In Windows, we can load the SomeUtils.class from the "classes" directory
(correct) and SomeOtherUtils.class from jar (in lib directory, also
correct). The class *SomeUtils *exist in *both **lib *and *classes*. but as
per documentation, webapp loader will load things from classes dir first,
and then lib. And it won't load the same class from *lib *if found in *classes
*first. And it also honours the contract "Child loader must not load same
class loaded by parent". So identical package name isn't a problem.

When we deployed in Linux, it didn't quite happen. We saw that "lib" was
always looked up first. We understand that SomeUtils.class duplicated in
both lib and classes is not a "Good" practice. But what we don't understand
is why webapp classloader isn't searching classes directory and finding it
first? Is there something fundamentally different when it comes to Linux
e.g. ordering/searching which is out of tomcat's control?

We don't have the verbose log from Linux yet, but meanwhile any info is


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