OK, now we're getting the dreaded JasperException in production.  Don't know 
what changed to start causing this.  Same thing happened in the test 
environment 9/4/18.  We got around the problem in test by upgrading to Java 
8u181 and Tomcat 8.5.30.

JRE 8u171, 32 bit
Tomcat 6.0.32, 32 bit

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP:
An error occurred at line: 1 in the generated java file
The type java.io.ObjectInputStream cannot be resolved.  It is indirectly 
referenced from required .class files

So our current plan is upgrade Tomcat.  Another message to follow about TC 8.5 
compatibility problems, specifically cachingAllowed.

Cris Berneburg
CACI Lead Software Engineer

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