On 11/27/2018 3:08 AM, Andi Meister wrote:
What I did now:
- removed Tomcat services by service.bat
- uninstalled all Tomcats (7 and 9)
- uninstalled all Java (was only Version 11)
- server reboot
- Installed Java 11 (File: jdk-11.0.1_windows-x64_bin.exe)

That filename tells me you're installing the JDK from Oracle.

I have a side note for you:  The license for Java from Oracle has changed dramatically in version 11 compared to previous versions.

If your use of Oracle Java will be for commercial or production, you have to pay Oracle a license fee for that machine.  The only way you can use their Java for free is if you're developing your application.  Once you deploy it to production running with Oracle Java 11, they expect payment.

You might think I'm trying to pull a fast one here.  I'm not.  Right there in the license mentioned on the Java download page, under the "Further, You may not" section, is this bullet point: "use the Programs for any data processing or any commercial, production, or internal business purposes other than developing, testing, prototyping, and demonstrating your Application;"


So if you want to use Java 11 for production, get OpenJDK.It is still free.

[2018-11-27 10:56:50] [error] [ 3060] Failed creating Java C:\Program

I downloaded Java 11 from Oracle's website, same executable filename you mentioned, and installed it.  The exact DLL path mentioned in this log entry is there.  If that DLL is there when you open the mentioned directory ... this problem makes me wonder if maybe the Tomcat service is running as a user that does not have permission to access that directory location, so it cannot find the parts of Java that it needs.


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