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> Hello,
> I'm using the Tomcat class to embed the container in my application. I
> have configured the CATLINA_HOME and _BASE properties, and I know those are
> working because the 'work' folder gets generated there as expected. However
> if I put a server.xml file in a 'conf' folder in the same directory, it
> does not seem to be loaded when calling Tomcat.init().
> Documentation is very sparse on the Tomcat class so I am unsure how to
> configure it the "standard" way.

I very recently refactored Tomcat embedded (in Tomcat 9.0.14) to be more
flexible, with the main assumption that trying to replicate a complex
server.xml with Java code while keeping good configurability was a waste of

As for using it, there's "big jar" packaging (but with the important note
that it remains EE webapp based, rather than proprietary):
Or you can do it yourself, you need to use
Tomcat.init(ConfigurationSource). You can use
startup.CatalinaBaseConfigurationSource to replicate the default Tomcat
behavior, or implement ConfigurationSource and have more flexibility. A few
components don't use that abstraction because they persist configs (JASPIC,


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