The file needs to be named log4j.properties<http://log4j.properties> (or .xml, 
.json, etc.) and needs to be in the classpath. You ommitted the 'j'.

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I have an old webapp that uses log4j 1.2 and which I am trying to deploy on 
tomcat. For the heck of it I can't get tomcat to use the 
log4.properties<http://log4.properties> file. What am I doing wrong?

tomcat 9.0.6 is installed as a Windows service and does serve my webapp, so the 
app is working fine. The project is mavenized, I put 
log4.properties<http://log4.properties> to src/main/resources and it ends up in 
the jar file of my application. Is there anything special that needs to be done?


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