On July 19, 2019 5:51 PM André Warnier wrote:
>For some maybe useful background information, it may be useful to read this :

Thanks. Actually, I knew this as I am using procrun for an additional service, 
which also doesn't find the OpenJdk.

So doesn't this boil down to why procrun doesn't pick up the OpenJdk 

I verified that the ojdkbuild installer sets the appropriate Registry keys. Is 
this a bug in procrun or does Oracle play some additional tricks?


>On 19.07.2019 14:01, Michael Lemke wrote:
>> I have tomcat (9.0.22) running as a service on Windows with Oracle's Java 8. 
>> I now want to move this to OpenJdk 12 to keep current and I have quite some 
>> problems to have tomcat find the OpenJdk installation. With Oracle it just 
>> worked with the Jvm=auto option for the tomcat service. With OpenJdk I only 
>> got it to work by messing around with JAVA_HOME, which is no fun especially 
>> for services. Without it tomcat doesn't find Java or uses Oracle's if I 
>> don't remove it first.
>> Now is this a tomcat problem or a OpenJdk installation problem?
>> For OpenJdk I used
>> https://github.com/ojdkbuild/ojdkbuild/releases/download/12.0.1-1/java-12-openjdk-
>> and have the installer set the Windows Registry entries under JavaSoft
>>  From what I found on the net these Registry settings changed with Java 9.
>> So what am I doing wrong?
>> Thanks,
>> Michael

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