пн, 22 июл. 2019 г. в 23:15, Hua, Gary - Saint Louis, MO - Contractor
> Chris:
> We inherited this web application from previous vendor IBM.    The original 
> version of hibernate related jars are: cglib-2.1.jar, ehcache-1.1.jar, 
> hibernate3.jar(3.1.0)
> This web application was deployed to WebSphere server and it works fine so 
> far, but now our client need to switch to Tomcat server. The web application 
> works okay in my local Tomcat 9.0.13 server in eclipse, but when I deploy it 
> to our web server, those errors occur when I start the server.

1. Why not the current version of Tomcat 9 (9.0.22) ?

2. Does the class mentioned in a NoClassDefFoundError exist in exactly
one of the jars that you are using (and no more than one jar)?

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