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> Michael,
>>>> On 8/1/19 15:21, Michael Osipov wrote:
>>>> Am 2019-08-01 um 21:19 schrieb Mark Thomas:
>>>> On 01/08/2019 20:07, Justiniano, Tony wrote:
>>>> And that is what I was thinking, inadvertently, our scanning
>>>> tool just found the apache version during a scan and
>>>> corresponded it (the apache version) with a CVE.
>>>> Do you concur?
>>> Sounds likely. Most low quality scanning tools only look at the
>>> version number.
>> I was told the same security by obscurity nonsense by our ISEC
>> team.

Being the ISEC team(!), I‘d ask you to validate the finding and do your 
homework, patch (you do, right?) or reconfigure your system and if it is a 
false positive mark it as such. Done. So you are aware of the possible problems 
and you have assessed the risk: no http/2==0! (Well you don‘t enable it next 
week, of course?!)

I assume noone here would like a vuln scanner to exploit all issues and tear a 
system down. But of course there are stupid an better ones (Scanner and ISEC 
teams ;-)). Nevertheless the process of excluding false positives should be 

> The OP should just set their reported version number to Tomcat 4.3 and
> let it completely freak out.

Just for the test of it: great idea!

But one of the first hardening actions on Tomcat is to disable standard error 
pages and version info. Server header removed (set to IIS if you like!)

        <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.valves.ErrorReportValve" 
showReport="false" showServerInfo="false" />

You reduce these findings and the info for the attackers.

> - -chris
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