Hi all,

Would you please clarify the compatibility restrictions (if any) between
the Apache Tomcat Native Lib and its dependencies on one hand and between
Apache Tomcat server and the native lib.  My questions are based on the
information available here: http://tomcat.apache.org/native-doc/

1)     Is it possible (or at all advisable) to build the tc-native once and
then use it on a system that is not necessarily with the same versions of
dependencies or JVM as the ones it was built with? Or for productive
systems it is recommend always to compile on the actual system that the lib
will be running on. I’m specifically interested for Linux environment.

2)     Are there strict requirements for the dependencies versions, meaning
Tomcat Native Lib version X works only with APR version Y, OpenSSL version
Z, etc. ?

3)     Are there any strict compatibility mapping between the  native lib
version and the Tomcat server version? In other words could every Tomcat
version work smoothly with the latest tc-native version?

Thanks a lot!



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