Windows Server 2008r2,  Oracle Java 1.7.0_231 

We are running multiple (6) Tomcats (each as a service) on this server.  
Recently installed 7.0.96 for all six, as an upgrade from 7.0.94.  

We are seeing at least one of the Tomcats will attempt to grab as much CPU as 
possible, until the system is at 100%.  

Tried different combinations of the different Tomcats running to see if the 
problem was with a specific one, but the behavior occurs in multiple 
combinations.  As long as there is more than one Tomcat running, one of them 
will try to grab 100% CPU.  (Almost like it is in a loop? Or competing for a 

If I start up only one Tomcat, it runs normally. 

Bumped logging to DEBUG, nothing additional showed up, all logs look normal. 

Shut down all the 7.0.96 Tomcats, brought the previous 7.0.94 Tomcats back up, 
and all of them run normally, no CPU hogging - total CPU consumption fluctuates 
around 15% unless there is heavy usage. 

None of the web applications have changed anytime recently.  

Java was updated from 1.7.0_221 to 1.7.0_231 at the same time as the Tomcat 
7.0.96 upgrade, but the 7.0.94 Tomcats do not seem to have any problems with 
the newer Java version. 

When we initially upgraded to 7.0.96, there were some issues with accessing 
certain files and disk areas due to the "default" user change to "local 
service" - we changed the user back to the previous "Local System" to allow 
time for examining the permissions changes that will be necessary to use "local 
service" in our environment.  
Is this a bug? 
What else should I be trying?

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