On 14/08/2019 19:47, M. Manna wrote:
> Release is roughly every 30-40 days. I guess markt can confirm that. He’s
> the release manager.

Roughly monthly for 8.5.x and 9.0.x. I aim to start the release process
at the start of the month. The actual release date varies a little
depending on my availability and what bugs need fixing.

There are sometimes gap around August and/or December due to holidays.

7.0.x tends to be every couple of months.

Tomcat Native and mod_jk/ISAPI are fairly stable and releases happen
less often. On average maybe every 6 months or so.

> You can see the release logs for the past 2-3 releases to see how
> frequently they’ve been coming out.


The other question that usually crops up at this point is when will
Tomcat 7.0.x reach end of life. That will depend on the timing of the
next Jakarta Servlet 4.next release as we support 3 major Tomcat
versions in parallel and major Tomcat versions are tied to releases of
the Servlet specification. Given we always provide 12 months notice of
EOL and the current rate of progress in Jakarta EE generally, I don't
see Tomcat 7 EOL happening before the end of June 2021 at the earliest.
It is likely to be some time after that.


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>> I have searched your website, wiki, and the web, in general, to locate a
>> release schedule or roadmap for Tomcat. Does the Apache Tomcat community
>> have a future release schedule?
>> Working with the government, we must anticipate (loosely) when we will
>> need to update servers, APIs, etc. to satisfy cybersecurity requirements.
>> As part of that, I am trying to gather release schedules for the software
>> we use.
>> Thanks!
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