On 20.08.19 09:44, Enosh Mogire wrote:
> I trust that your week is well and that this email finds you well. My name
> is Enosh and I am a newbie to the system. I recently started a personal
> learning project with DHIS2 and I needed to install the Apache servlet but
> I keep on getting this error(attached screenshot). Please advise
> accordingly on how to solve this issue. Thank you.


please note that this list is read around the world, and people (like
me) might not know acronyms like DHIS2.

To help you, we'll need more details: "the Apache servlet" is not quite
descriptive, and this mailing list strips attachments - as the error
message most likely contains text: Please post the textual error message
here, along with log file contents and steps to reproduce - ideally with
everything required to reproduce the issue you're facing.



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