On 20.08.19 21:43, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Olaf,
> On 8/19/19 09:55, Olaf Kock wrote:
> > If nothing changed since I looked at it last time, ubuntu didn't
> > update to a new version, but at most backported some fixes while
> > staying on roughly the same version. At least typically.
> > I'm looking at the currently available information on the
> > "tomcat9" package in ubuntu 18.04, and I'm seeing version info
> > like "9.0.16-3~18.04.1".
> > If you want to be on the latest and greatest tomcat version, you
> > should rather maintain it for yourself. If you want the
> > distribution to maintain your tomcat, you're likely not on the very
> > latest version.
> While these two points are entirely accurate, we have two members of
> the Tomcat community who are either package maintainers or who can
> influence those maintainers.
> We have Coty from RedHat who rolls some releases for RHEL/CentOS and
> is pretty much up-to-date with all the releases. IIRC, the yum repo
> tracks the "actual" version numbers from ASF while some other package
> maintainers tend to back-port patches...
> ... such as Debian (apt), where Emmanuel is (?) the package manager
Hi Chris,

Thank you for the reminder - and thank you to the package maintainers
for keeping the versions up to date - one way or another. The quoted
Ubuntu version led me (repeatedly) down the track of assuming that this
is how it's (still) everywhere, but I'm happy to be corrected.

Old habits die slowly, and once you (well, me) have firmly established a
habit, it's hard to revert. I'll work on it - after all, I like the
perspective of not needing to think about most of my installation myself.

Promising to go more pro-distro in the future.


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