On 27.08.2019 14:05, Patrick Heinen wrote:
Hi everyone,

In our Apache Tomcat 8.5.31 installation, Tomcat8.exe ist listening on TCP port 
12345, and we need to change this to a different port number.
Unfortunatley, we cannot find a way to change this since it is not specified in 
server.xml or Java options. Does anybody know how this port can be changed?

For full details (server.xml etc.) see: 

Short version : run tomcat8w.exe, and examine the various tabs to see if you find your port 12345 somewhere there (maybe the JVM is listening for JMX or so). Otherwise, it must be (also) an application which tomcat is running, which opens its own port 12345).

Long version : read
to find out what tomcat8.exe and tomcat8w.exe really are.

short version of the long version :
server.xml shows the ports on which /tomcat itself/ is listening.
But tomcat8.exe is not "tomcat". It is a wrapper program, which runs the JVM which runs tomcat, which runs applications. The JVM itself, and the applications, may open ports, without tomcat even knowing about them.

Let us know if that helps.

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