On 29.08.2019 22:49, Edwin Quijada wrote:
I have an application developed with Grails3 and Postgres, my app runs fine in 
the port 8084 , https://server:8084/app now I am trying to put an apache proxy 
with mod_proxy but I have an weird error
The app load but doesnt load the resources, CSS and JavaScript, so the app 
looks useless

[configuration for proxy]
<IfModule mod_ssl.c>
         <VirtualHost _default_:443>

                 ProxyPreserveHost on
                 RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Proto https
                 RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Port 443

                 ProxyPass /me  http://localhost:8084/menuapp/login
                 ProxyPassReverse /me http://localhost:8084/menuapp/login


The app doesnt have any css or javascritp code

Any cluees about this ?

Maybe but not with the minimal information that you provide above.

First of all, when you are posting a question here about tomcat, provide
- the version of tomcat
- the version of the Java JVM
- which platform (OS) this is running on
- and in your particular case, the version of the apache httpd proxy that you 
are using
In 99% of the cases, this will be useful and will save questions/answers later.

Then, give us an example of the URL that you are using, to call the first page of the application. (According to your explanation and configuration above, this is a URL that should start with "http://(your_proxy_server_name)/me....")

Then, when you get the first page of your app in the browser, look at the source code of the page (in the browser), and look at the links which are supposed to load your "resources" (javascript, CSS etc..).
What do these links look like ?
(give us an example)

Maybe also (to gain time and avoid other multiple questions/answers), copy-and-paste the content of your tomcat server's "conf/server.xml" file here, and tell us where these resources are located on the tomcat server (their disk path).
(edit any confidential information)

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