On Tuesday, September 3, 2019, André Warnier (tomcat) <a...@ice-sa.com> wrote:
> Note : why it would work with tomcat8 and not with tomcat9 is still not
> clear to me, unless there have been some changes between the tomcat8 SPNEGO
> Valve and the tomcat9 SPNGEGO Valve, or else maybe in terms of the tomcat
> hostname considerations.

I don't [yet] have an answer, but we have an app that supports SPNEGO and
when we recently did a regression to certify our app for TC 9.x, SPNEGO
broke. (Our app is also supported to run on WebSphere and WebLogic, and
SPNEGO works fine on those).

Installed on exact same server, same domain, configuration, ad nauseum ---
use TC 8.0, no issue - stop 8.0, start TC 9.0 and SPNEGO is a no go.

I did a diff of TC 8.0 / 9.0 source and don't see anything that jumps out
at me to cause the issue, though there are changes.  Anyway, we pushed the
"investigate SPNEGO" Jira ticket to the bottom of the Backlog, so haven't
pursued it further.

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