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Dear Experts

Please guide me I am trying to investigate we use TOMCAT 7.0

1. how to check if TOMCAT is overloaded with incoming requests ?
2. were the requests received by TOMCAT on a specific day and time from SAP ECC 
? How to
find ?

Precise tomcat version ? (7.x.y)
Precise JVM versions ?
Precise platform (OS) ?

1. The first step would be to see if it is not the platform that is overloaded.
You can get an idea of that with e.g. "top" (for Linux) or the Task Manager 
(for Windows).
Tomcat (or rather the JVM which runs Tomcat) will use as much CPU as it can get.
If it is the only serious thing running on that system, then it will use 100% of the CPU, if it can/must, to process incoming requests.

2. Configure a tomcat access log, and look at it. In the standard configuration, it will show the IP of the client, and the requested URL, for each request. It probably also shows the time needed to process each request. See here :

Also, tomcat 7 is old, and the current version is tomcat 9.
You'll have more chances to get better answers with a more recent version.

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