I've discovered an interesting issue where POST requests fail when 
uploading a file over about ~6MB if the server ignores the request content.

I've put together a simple project to reproduce it: 

Serverside code: 
Clientside code: 

If you'd like to try it yourself there are a couple of pre-built war 
files on the releases page, and there are steps to reproduce in the 
README.md file.

The problem does not occur when uploading a small file, and the problem 
can be "fixed" by simply getting a parameter from the request object. It 
reproduces in Tomcat 8 & 9. The problem does not reproduce on Payara, 
but I am seeing similar on Jetty.

My guess is that the server responds before the client has finished 
uploading the file. The browsers see the incomplete upload and report 
this as an error, despite content being sent in response. And my guess 
is that inspecting a request parameter causes the server to wait for the 
full upload before sending the response.

It's a slightly odd workflow, but it's not too unreasonable to sometimes 
respond early and ignore the request content.

Is this expected behavior, or a bug in Tomcat?


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