This is a kind of funny (sorry) "battle of the bulge" problem.

Malicious systems administrators (we assume everyone is guilty and it
drives this kind of issue) will find the password to your database,
and, ignoring everything else on the machine they just exploited, will
go and query your database.

Of course, I suppose that does offer a kind of fly on the wall
opportunity to hide and observe database transactions.

Presuming, however, that they have access to the app server tier, what
might stop them from exploiting the database?

And then .. there's the clipper chip and spectr (spelling?) ..
computer engineering has become pretty demoralizing in a world where a
12 year old can be given the OPM toolkit and sit beyond most
reasonable opportunities to prosecute, all in the name of making us
safer (broken by design) <laughs maniacally>

On 9/16/19, Olaf Kock <> wrote:
> On 16.09.19 08:24, Olaf Kock wrote:
>> If someone has access to the old Wiki's information, it'd be a great
>> page to restore.
> "Do you really want to send this mail?" - "Of course" - "so be it" - m(
> Facepalm:
> It takes the steps above to think of a way of accessing the old content:
> Here it is, courtesy of the wayback machine:
> Cheers,
> Olaf
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