On 02/10/2019 01:28, Chen Levy wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: Tomcat 9.0.24/9.0.26 suspected memory leak
>> Found it.
>> HTTP/2 on NIO is affected.
>> HTTP/2 on APR/native is not affected.
>> Need to check on NIO2 but I suspect it is affected.
>> Patch to follow shortly.
>> Mark
> Good, here's some more corroborating info:
> Mark I followed your suggestion to test without HTTP/2, and one of my servers 
> (v9.0.26) has been running without it for a day now, showing no memory 
> accumulation
> I do not use APR/Native

This has been fixed and the fix will be included in 9.0.27 onwards.

8.5.x was not affected.

NIO2 was affected.

You should also be able to avoid the memory leak with NIO by setting
useAsyncIO="false" on the Connector.

There isn't an easy way to avoid it with NIO2. For those users using
NIO2, I'd recommend switching to NIO was a workaround until 9.0.27 is


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