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On 10/9/19 07:08, Rony G. Flatscher (Apache) wrote:
> On 08.10.2019 21:16, André Warnier (tomcat) wrote:
>> On 08.10.2019 17:11, Rony G. Flatscher (Apache) wrote:
>>> Does anyone know of any tutorials that would demonstrate how to
>>> use any javax.script language in JSPs instead of Java (e.g.
>>> using Jython or JavaScript instead)?
>>> If not, any advice/hint how to realize/create such a
>>> functionality (for then creating such a tutorial instead) would
>>> be highly appreciated!
>> I know nothing about the subject matter, but was searching Google
>> for "javax.script language jsp" and found this :
>> http://wi.wu.ac.at:8002/rgf/diplomarbeiten/BakkStuff/2010/201007_Ryab
(look around page 50).
>> Does this help ?
> Yes and no! :)
> This work has been created under my supervision almost ten years
> ago. :)
> The student did an exceptional job and created proof-of-concept
> taglibs for BSF (Apache Bean Scripting Framework) and JSR223 (Java
> scripting framework 'javax.script') (and even a proof-of-concept
> javax.script implementation for ooRexx).
>> On the side, even though (or maybe because) I did not previously
>> know anything about this, I found this document really impressive
>> in terms of providing a terse but extremely readable background
>> of the whole thing, all the way to some practical examples, all
>> in less than 100 pages. And this was a bachelor's thesis. So I
>> don't know if it helps you, but I enjoyed it.
> *Great!* :)
>> Looking up the author in Google, it doesn't seem that he really
>> needs my modest plaudits though.
> :)
> ---
> Maybe I should reformulate the request in form of open questions:
> * Is there any container that supports for the page directive the
> use of any javax.script language such as Jython, ooRexx, et.al.? *
> Is there any official/supported taglib to allow javax.script
> languages to be deployed in JSPs like demonstrated as a
> proof-of-concept in Stanislav Ryabenkiy's work? Are there any
> initiatives for creating such a support? * Is there any interest in
> allowing Java scripting languages to be used in JSPs as
> demonstrated as a proof-of-concept in Ryabenkiy's work with
> PHP/Quercus, Python/Jython and ooRexx?
> ---rony
> P.S.: My request stems from the expectation that by now
> javax.script languages are fully supported in JSPs, which may not
> be the case at all judging from the answers so far.
> P.P.S.: <http://wi.wu.ac.at/rgf/diplomarbeiten/> would list all
> sorts of student's work that might be interesting or of help for
> others (like the above mentioned Bachelor thesis).

My own (particularly uninformed) opinion is that most scripting
languages that have wanted to get into JVMs/app servers have simply
built their own technologies to handle everything, so it doesn't run
through JSP itself.

For example, Lucee[1] is a CFML implementation in Java, but it doesn't
(always) use JSP. They have a separate "interpreter" for it instead of
building huge tag libraries to fit it into JSP. (I say "interpreted"
because I don't know if they actually interpret the files each time on
demand, or if there is a compilation step at some point. It doesn't
really matter either way.)

I haven't looked at it in depth, but I believe this is also what
Apache JGroovy[2] does.

- -chris

[1] https://lucee.org/
[2] https://groovy-lang.org/
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