On 12/11/2019 14:13, Nedim Kulovac wrote:
> Hi there. I had an issue with starting a modular Java 11 app. Basically, I
> was wondering why my module-info. java does not require to use 'open'
> directive when using Spring Framework. I posted the question here
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58737469/do-i-have-to-add-open-statement-in-module-info-java-to-open-module-for-reflectio?noredirect=1#comment103882923_58737469
> and
> user Holger came with diagnosing that Tomcat loading my code as well as
> Spring through a custom class loader and that is why my modules and Spring
> jars are not listed when I use --show-module-resolution, neither they
> appear in the classpath. To inspect is custom class loading done modular or
> old style, he recommended putting
> System.out.println(SomeClass.class.getModule()); somewhere in code in the
> module. I did it and as a result, I got printed out 'unnamed module
> @595b34e5'. So the big question is: why is this happening and how can I
> resolve this? I want Tomcat to put my modules to module path normally, not
> as an unnamed module.

You can't.

The Servlet API (nor any part of Java EE / Jakarta EE) does not make use
of the module system.


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