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> On 29/11/2019 21:28, Karen Goh wrote:
> > I have done so but it is no use. I have deleted the Tomcat and add an
> new instance before run the server again.
> > caused by java.lang.IllegalArgumentException : Filter mapping specifies
> an unknown filter name[SessionValidator]
> > Sorry I am having problem with writing here using Yahoo mail n I have to
> type things out in iPhone so I can’t copy n paste the entire error
> message. Should you need more info in order to help me I hope I can just
> write above the reply message.
> You seem to be missing the point. The problematic filter is named:
> httpHeaderSecurity
> You need to find where that is referenced in your code and/or
> configuration.
> I can’t find this filter at all, even though I am playing with something
> along the line of httpHeaderSecurity (JWT/JSSE etc to be precise) but my
> project is done intermittently cos most of the time I am meshing up the
> code from various sources and use it...
> What do I do in this case?  Re-start a fresh project?
> Mark
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As I replied before, your best option would be:

1) remove all your custom filters from filter mappings so that there is no
filter (only for this test).
2) Start tomcat and confirm that startup is normal without issues
3) Now put back your filters 1-by-1 and repeat step 1-2 to see what breaks.

It's appears a big effort at first glance, but it's a good way to sift
through the problem.
Hi Manna,
Thanks very much for your response.
After I changed the tomcat server to 9.0.29, all the error disappeared. I have 
also changed the servlet api to 4.0.1 in maven n added the @WebFilter without 
incurring any error.
Once again, thank you. 


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