Hi Folks,

I have a web application that, after a period of inactivity (1-2hours), will 
stall for 3 – 35 seconds upon the first new session. All subsequent sessions 
will not experience this delay unless another period of inactivity occurs.

I’ve found that the delay occurs when loading jars that live in the WEB-INF/lib 

The issue doesn’t occur when the server is first started. Only after a period 
of 1-2 hours approx. will the next session experience the delay when loading a 
jar. This leads me to believe that when the server is started ‘knowledge’ of 
the jars might be cached, however, after a period of inactivity this cache may 
expire. The result of this is that the next session after this period causes 
the lib folder to be searched again which seems to take the 5-35 seconds.

My question: Is this theory above correct, and if so, is there a way to 
configure Tomcat such that this cache doesn’t expire so that it doesn’t need to 
be re-populated when a new session begins?

Tomcat Version 9.0.10

Any help appreciated,



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