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I do think that you can have more chances of get an answer for this in the
Oracle Community [1]

Anyway this is how our tns entries [2] looks like for our Oracle Databases:

(PROTOCOL=TCP) (HOST=my.host.name.1) (PORT=XXXXX) )
(PROTOCOL=TCP) (HOST=my.host.name.1) (PORT=XXXXX) )








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El lun., 27 ene. 2020 a las 18:15, Edwards, Crista E
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> What is the proper syntax for the URL portion of my JDBC connection when
> using 2 databases? We are on Tomcat 9.0, connecting to an Oracle database.
> We have 2 database instances, one active & one inactive, but the JDBC
> connection must contain both & connect to the active instance. Below is an
> example of the URL we were using when on Websphere servers.
> jdbc:oracle:thin:@
> (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(source_route=off)(load_balance=off)(failover=on)(address=(protocol=tcp)(host=
> ldb123.prod.exint.net)(port=1500))(address=(protocol=tcp)(host=
> ldb234.prod.exint.net)(port=1500)))(connect_data=(service_name=
> abc0405p_rwsvc.prod.exint.net)))
> Thank you,
> Crista Edwards
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