One of our customers got binged on a security audit because some Windows 
binaries weren't compiled with the security features listed below. TCNative is 
on that list. We only include it for our Windows distributions since it is 
available in binary form. One side effect of ASLR is that pointers can live in 
the entire address space. So, some code can have issues if they assume that 
pointers will only be in the lower 32 bit address space. Has any tried this or 
know of a reason that compiling with the switches will cause issues with 
TCNative? My choices are to bring it in house and build ourselves, or drop it 
from our distribution.

ASLR - Address Space Layout Randomization

Linker option: /DYNAMICBASE[:NO]

DEP - Data Execution Prevention

Linker option: /NXCOMPAT[:NO]

SafeSEH - Safe Exception Handlers

Linker option: /SAFESEH[:NO]


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