Hi Saurav,

On 08.02.20 07:47, Saurav Sarkar wrote:
> Through tomcat access valve i can view the HTTP request url ,response code
> etc.
> But i can not view the error response being sent in the form of JSON
> payload.
> Is their any valve/filter/ any other setting on tomcat level which can
> enable this or applications (server and clients) themselves have to log it.

Logging HTTP request or response bodies in access logs (or similar) is not 
common as this can
be anything from a simple (short) string to long binary data. If you need 
specific errors, I
would suggest to log it in your application specific logs (you can add session 
id "%S" or other
identifiers to your access log for easier mapping, see 
for details).

If you do not have a chance to add this to your logs you can implement a 
ServletFilter which logs
the body of requests for certain requests.


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