Am 09.02.20 um 18:46 schrieb Shane Johnson:
> I extracted the shared folder to my desktop to see what was in it. It
> contains 2 folders Classes and lib, with 24 jar files in the lib folder. I
> did try extracting it to the Libraries in the tomcat tree and running the
> program with no success. I now am wiping the installation of tomcat and
> extracted program and doing a full reload. This next time I am going to try
> to move the Library files in the tomcat 9 directory into a folder named
> shared by altering the directory tree first prior to extracting the
> program. I think I read in the docs somewhere there is a command line that
> can do this so tomcat knows where to look for the library and shared
> library files.  Any more suggestions would be welcome.

Try to do what Mark suggested :) The shared class loader has been
"replaced by/merged with" the common loader. The common loader holds all
classes and libs, that are common (shared) across all webapps.

Copy everything (watch out for jars with same/similar names) that you
found in your extracted shared folder into the lib folder. (If there
really is a folder called Classes, that contains the class structures,
copy the files/folders from inside Classes into the top level lib/ folder.)

It might help, if you post the elements of your shared folder, so that
others can have a better guess on where to copy those.

If you want to get fancy, you can edit conf/ and edit
the property "comon.loader" to include your shared folder. Be sure to
both entries for the classes and the jar files.

You might want to have a look at RUNNING.txt. There is a description on
how to setup tomcat for multiple installations. Those setups are - in my
opinion - easier to play with, as you are not messing with the original
installation but a minimal shallow copy.


> On Sun, Feb 9, 2020 at 5:09 AM Konstantin Kolinko <>
> wrote:
>> вс, 9 февр. 2020 г. в 02:12, Peter Rader <>:
>>>> I am currently trying to install a program designed to operate on Win
>> XP 32
>>>> and earlier on to a Win 10 environment. The program extracts to the
>> Shared
>>>> and Webapps folders of Tomcat 5.5 and uses a SQL database. After
>> converting
>>>> the database and installing it on SQL 2017 I added the JDBC connector
>> and
>>>> downloaded and installed tomcat 9 only to find there is no shared
>> folder to
>>>> extract the shared files to. Any suggestions?
>>> Hm, shared ... do you mean the endorsed folder? From old apps I remember
>> that some jdbc-jars have to be placed in tomcat's endorsed folder.
>>> I am pretty sure that you could use the JVM/JDK's endorsed folder. They
>> usually have their place in <jdk>\lib\endorsed .
>> Endorsed folder is a different beast. Please do not put anything there.
>> Tomcat 5.5 documentation is still available online (if you know the
>> address to type it in a browser's address bar) [1] The closest analogy
>> to the "Shared" classloader in current Tomcat is the "Common"
>> classloader that loads classes from ${catalina.base|/lib.
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> It is possible to reconfigure Tomcat 9 to have a separate Shared
>> classloader as well, but that is an overkill.
>> Also, do not forget about Migration Guides [3].
>> [3]
>> [4]
>> Best regards,
>> Konstantin Kolinko
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