On 13/02/2020 21:30, Reneesh K wrote:
>  Team,
> What is the EOL Date for Apache Tomcat 9?

Currently unknown.

EOL for 5.x was 30 Sep 2012
EOL for 6.x was 31 Dec 2016

EOL for 7.x is probably going to be 31 Mar 2021

So roughly, there are ~4 years between EOL for major versions. That puts
an estimate for EOL of 9.0.x some time in 2029.

An additional complication is that Tomcat 9 is the last version to
support Java EE (Tomcat 10 onwards will support Jakarta EE) so the
intention is to continue support for Tomcat 9 for longer - if there is
demand for a Java EE platform.


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