Hi Chris,

no, the status unfortunately is not available as an Apache env var.

mod_proxy_ajp has a builtin provision for automatic env var forwarding: alle env vars named AJP_SOMETHING will be forwarded as request attribute SOMETHING. But I see no easy way of detecting drain mode and setting an env var and there seems to be nothing builtin. I remember having added the forwarding for the LB activation to mod_jk many years ago but well after mod_proxy_ajp was done by Mladen. It seems to be one of the missing features in mod_proxy_ajp.

But of course it could be added ...



Am 06.03.2020 um 16:34 schrieb Christopher Schultz:
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At $work, we use mod_jk for proxying and I'd like to move to
mod_proxy_ajp with an eye toward moving to mod_proxy_http eventually.

We use the JK_LB_ACTIVATION state to perform load-balanced
node-draining[1] for maintenance and I'm trying to find out how to get
mod_proxy to give me its current status.

I don't see anything in the documentation for mod_proxy_balancer or

- From the balancer-manager, I can see that there are several items of
status metadata that might be useful:

- - worker "draining mode"
- - worker "disabled" state
- - worker "hot standby" state
- - worker "stopped" state

Each worker has a "status" value, which can be any of D/S/I/R/H/E/N
but it also looks like each of those can be set independently. So the
worker can be in "hot standby" + "error" states. Hmm.

Is that state available in an environment variable I can forward-over
to the origin node?

- -chris

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