On 13/03/2020 13:52, Heinrich Michael (PS-EC/EBT3) wrote:
> Hello all,
> I found out that I've trouble in uploading multipart messages with TLS in 
> Tomcat 9.0.31 (Windows server 2012/2016, Java 1.8.0_241, also 221). With the 
> same server config in 9.0.30 it works well. Uploading multipart messages in 
> 9.0.31 without TLS works also. This can be reproduced when using the manager 
> app with/without TLS. When using TLS, Tomcat logs below errors in the log 
> file.
> I'm just not sure if this is a bug or a wrong configuration/misunderstanding 
> from my site. Although I've found nothing in the change log for 9.0.31 that 
> makes me think I've to modify my config files.
> Is the problem I describe known to someone else or just a configuration issue?



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