I have my default.js in a frontend.jar's /META-INF/resources/js/ according to 
the specs (last paragraph of point 10.10 in 
 ) it is served successfully. This works great!

Chrome load this default.js during surfing on localhost. Using DevTools I can 
map this in-browser-default.js to a local directory. This allowes chrome to 
synchronize the local source-version of the default.js with the in-browser 
loaded default.js.

This way I have a source-cascade.
1. The default.js is Packed into the frontend.jar.
2. The frontend.jar is Packed into the application.war.
3. The application.war is served via Tomcat.

The Problem:

If I reload the website Chrome DevTools drops all changes I made to the Tomcat 
served version. 
So if I change a single byte in the default.js I have to:
1. Pack the jar
2. Pack the war
3. Redeploy the war.

This process takes a length of about 5 minutes. It is reloading the application 
and package the jars/wars for the sake of 1 byte change.

The Question:

Can I map a single resource to a file dynamically without reloading the 

Kind regards

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