Dear Tomcat users,


since the Tomcat release with the Ghostcat security fix (Tomcat 8.5.51) me
as an admin have the problem using the module to connect
the Apache HTTPD with the Tomcat running on localhost. The attribute
secretRequired must be set to "true" or "false" with "false" set the
connection is not possible between Tomcat and Apache HTTPD. With "true" the
Apache development is not ready in the current version to work with the
"secret" attribute. Only the next version of Apache 2.4 supports this

So I want to use the newest Tomcat version and an AJP connector but after
the Ghostcat fix release there is this attribute which does not work in my

Are there any suggestions or solutions available that you can deliver me
(links or documentation, etc.)


Thanks in advance

Florian Fritze



Florian Fritze M.A.

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