On 25.03.20 14:51, Jonathan Yom-Tov wrote:
> I think I phrased my question incorrectly. What I want to do is to cache
> the HTML resulting from the JSPs evaluation so I can serve the cached
> result. The reason is that I'm working on an application which makes a lot
> of requests per page. This makes the page very slow. What I want to do is
> to serve some of the requests which build the page out of a cache.
> Rewriting the offending endpoints would be a very lengthy process. There
> are a lot of them and they're part of a legacy project which is very hard
> to get into.
> So is pre-evaluating the JSPs the correct strategy or is there a
better way?

well, with that, you could either request the JSP yourself and cache the
result. To do this transparently, you could implement a ServletFilter
that caches the result if it senses a cacheable request and (on
subsequent requests) transparently serves the value from cache as long
as the criteria ("should re-evaluate") holds.

Bonus points for taking care of concurrent requests during
re-evaluation, and pause them during the time a re-evaluation is done in
a different request.


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