On 04/05/2020 21:19, Barry Kimelman wrote:
> I am running tomcat 9 on my windows 10 64-bit system.
> Earlier today I did a Java update, which ran with no issues.
> When I attempted to start the Tomcat Service, it would not start. Then I
> remembered that the last time I updated JAVA I needed to run JAVAW.EXE to
> update information. The last time I ran JAVAW.EXE a window opened up and I
> updated some information and Tomcat has been running since that time.
> However now when I try to run JAVAW.EXE from windows explorer or from a
> command line nothing happens. No window, no error message, nothing.
> My Java directory is as follows
>  Volume in drive C is TI10673200G
>  Volume Serial Number is 5E9D-3D3F
>  Directory of C:\Program Files\Java
> Mon May 04, 2020  12:29 PM    <DIR>          .
> Mon May 04, 2020  12:29 PM    <DIR>          ..
> Tue Jan 01, 2019  03:47 PM    <DIR>          jdk1.8.0_191
> Mon May 04, 2020  12:28 PM    <DIR>          jre1.8.0_251
>                0 File(s)              0 bytes
>                4 Dir(s)  550,857,969,664 bytes free
> I have spent the last few hours google searching and reading tomcat docs
> and I have not found anything which shows how to run JAVAW.EXE.
> How do I run JAVAW.EXE so I can continue to run Tomcat 9 ?

You don't. Or rather, you shouldn't need to.

Look for Tomcat9w.exe (should be in tomcat-install-dir\bin), run that
and update the location of your Java installation.


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