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> What is a URL ?
> O'reilly publisher "Networks is a very simple concept known only to a few"
> A url is divided up into three parts.
> BODY : contains Index.html from tomcat
> TAIL : CHECKSUM for developers to check the sum total number of bytes are 
> same as in the body. Check if no bytes got lost on the way.
> TOR : when a user's URL travels through TOR network the origin ip address is 
> extracted from URL and its ip address replaced instead. Then on the way back 
> ip address is then placed back with users ip address so it can find it's way 
> home.
> This system of SecureByDesign is so effective as consumer protection , that 
> Facebook has moved its servers inside the TOR so as to quicken the network 
> traffic travelling through TOR. Although they know they have exposed their 
> server IP address to TOR. But they dont mind that.
> Obviously if you are dumb enough to login via a pop box or html form then the 
> whole idea of using TOR is negated.
> SSL will encrypt and decrypt via its own dedicated port.

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