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List members,

Apologies that the previous message arrived in your inbox.

When I saw the original message it raised several concerns:

- It was nearly entirely off-topic (I saw a single mention of Tomcat)

- It contained multiple technical inaccuracies

- The numerous extra space characters made the formatting look odd.

I considered it to be borderline spam but opted, at that point, to
simply wait and see.

I didn't see the second message but I did see a slack chat at $work
where the participants commented that the thread it looked like spam
and/or bot generated. After reviewing the new message I decided to
unsubscribe the user and add them to the deny list - the moderator's
usual response to spam.

My expectation was that the most likely response would be nothing but if
the post was genuine that a "Huh? Why did you ban me?" message would be
sent to the moderators. What I wasn't expecting was the tirade that

The language used in the third message is completely unacceptable and
has, as you might imagine, caused that email address to be unsubscribed
and added to the deny list as well. Whether that triggers a fourth email
from yet another address we shall have to wait and see. I hope not.

Again, apologies for the unpleasant message and for the distraction.


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