On 12/05/2020 15:47, Garret Wilson wrote:
> Thanks for the announcement.
> Is there any rough timeline or roadmap for a stable and/or release
> version of Tomcat 10? (Sorry if this has been discussed here already.)

That depends on the timeline for Jakarta EE 9. Once that has a final
release (hopefully later this year but not the originally scheduled
June) then we'll probably have a couple of beta releases of 10 before
calling it stable.

There is one recent API tweak in WebSocket I need to make in Tomcat 10
but otherwise it is pretty much done. Last time I ran the TCKs I found
more issues in the TCKs than I did in Tomcat.

It looks like the TCKs Tomcat needs to worry about have been migrated to
the new package name and I started running tests with the nightly TCK
builds and Tomcat 10 yesterday. EL passed with Java 8 and Java 11 and
found a couple of bugs in the jakartaee-api.jar (PR already submitted).

Next up is WebSocket. Then JSP and Servlet.

> I'm in no rush. I just have an application with embedded Tomcat which is
> due for another release soon, and I wondered whether it was time to
> start looking into switching yet. Is Tomcat 10 pretty solid and the API
> stable for simple embedded serving?

The spec APIs can't change (apart from the package name) unless the
change is backwards compatible so those are essentially fixed.

The internal Tomcat API changes are done (at least the ones we've
thought of so far) and most of that was cleaning out old stuff.

I'd say Tomcat 10 was fairly stable at this point but that doens't rule
out us making major changes if we have a bright idea that needs it.

I'd probably go as far as creating a Tomcat 10 branch, doing the package
rename and checking that things still work but I'd stick with 9.0.x for
now in production.


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