On 18/05/2020 15:23, Jonathan Yom-Tov wrote:
> Here's my setup: I have two Tomcats using PersistentManager with FileStore
> to store sessions on a NFS they both have access to. Inside the session
> there's an object which contains a map. I also have a request listener that
> logs the contents of the map on every request.
> I kill one Tomcat and I can see in the session file that the map contains
> two keys. I then make a request to the remaining Tomcat and I can see the
> map contains only one key.
> The only way I can think of that that would happen is if the map was only
> partially loaded from the file. Is that even possible? Any good ideas on
> how to debug this?

Best guess you add the Map containing one key to the session and then
later add a second key the Map. Tomcat doesn't consider the session to
be updated when the second key is added so the persisted copy doesn't
get updated.


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