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On 18/05/2020 21:45, jonmcalexan...@wellsfargo.com.INVALID wrote:
> I hate bringing up old crap, but I just want to make sure I have everything 
> covered on my end. As far as this QID, the dreaded Ghost Cat, and AJP, is 
> there ANY special AJP configuration that should be done to make sure that 
> this QID is mitigated for Tomcat 7.0.103, 8.5.53, and 9.0.33 and above 
> configurations?

<It depends. There are too many variables. A configuration that would be 
considered secure in one scenario may be considered insecure in another.

>If you show us your AJP configuration (passwords, if any, masked) we can 
>figure out what questions to ask next.


Thanks Mark. 

I'm not looking for anything specific, but more generic. I'm one of the guys 
that gets all the escalated support questions in the company in regards to 
anything Tomcat. This includes all these QID's, etc.. I just wanted some "best 
practice" information that I can dispense as potential ways for folks who need 
AJP to be able to resolve the QID vulnerability in their systems.


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